How to Increase the Volume on a Telephone

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It might not be that the person is speaking too softly; instead, it may be that the volume setting on your phone is turned down, which would hinder your hearing. Rather than asking the person to repeat information, try turning up the volume on your cord phone, cordless phone or cellular phone.


Step 1

Study the base of your phone. Older corded and cordless phone models have a volume slider that generally is located on either side of the base, indicated with an elongated triangle. Move the slider toward the wider end, away from the pointy end, to increase the volume. Refer to your phone's user manual for assistance if you have trouble locating the volume slider. The manual also should provide instructions for turning your phone volume up or down.


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Step 2

Look on your cordless phone handset for volume buttons. Newer cordless phone models include up and down arrows directly on the handset. Press the up arrow as many times as needed to increase the volume to your desired level. Phone designs differ, so refer to your phone's user manual for specific information on adjusting the volume settings.


Step 3

Look on the left side of your cell phone for the volume buttons. Volume buttons are labeled with up and down arrows or small dots; both are embossed right on the corresponding buttons. Press the button with the up arrow or dot on it to turn up the volume. When you press this button, the current volume level will appear on your phone's screen. Keep pressing the button until you can hear the other person loud and clearly.


If you are still having trouble hearing the person, activate the speakerphone function on your cordless phone or mobile phone. On a cordless phone, the button will be labeled “Speakerphone.” Press it once, make sure the indicator light is lit and then hang up the handset to continue your conversation. The speakerphone button on a cell phone is labeled with the universal symbol of a speaker emitting sound. The default speakerphone volume settings are louder than the sound transmitted solely through the ear receiver.