How to Make Your Cell Phone Do Auto Redialing

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Press redial to avoid continually re-entering the phone number.

There are several methods to add the auto redialing feature to your cell phone. This can be an important feature if you are an extremely busy person, do a lot of multitasking or just prefer to have the phone do some sort of auto dial process, instead of constantly having to look up the number and then dial it. While there are several ways to add an auto redial feature to your cell phone, the method you use largely depends on your phone's capabilities.


Step 1

Press the "Dial" or "Call" button twice quickly. This method is the most simple and available on almost every phone. Find the contact that you want to call in your address book, then press "Dial" or "Call" as usual so that the phone will dial the number. Wait for the phone to pick up. If it doesn't and you get a busy signal, or no answer, all you have to do is press the "Dial" or "Call" button twice and the phone number will be redialed.

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Step 2

Locate the auto redial function for your phone. Read your phone manual to see if this is a feature built into your phone, as not all phones have this feature. Tap "Settings," "Call Settings" or another similar command. Command titles can change depending on the phone being used. Look for the "Auto Redial" feature and press it. Select the "Enable" option. This way when you call someone and you get no answer or a busy signal, the phone will either automatically redial or ask if you want to redial. If asked, press "Yes" and the call will be dialed again.


Step 3

Download and install an auto redial program or application of your choice (see Resources). These programs are most often made for phones like the iPhone or BlackBerry. Download the program directly to your phone or computer and transfer to the phone following the phone's instructional manual for application installations.


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