How to Find the Last Number That Called Me

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You hear the phone ringing but you don't get to it in time, now you wonder if you have missed an important phone call. No need to worry, you can easily check and see who, rather what number, was the most recent call. Make sure you are subscribed to caller ID service through your phone company, although there are some phone service providers who offer caller ID service for free. Caller ID is only one way to find out who called you, however, there is still an option for those who do not have that service.


Step 1

Look at the front of your phone and find the caller ID button, which usually is labeled "CID."

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Step 2

Scroll "Down" to view the most recent calls. This will list the most recent call first, and backwards from there. On the screen you can also note the time of the call, as well as the date. Caller ID will only work if you subscribe to caller ID service from your phone service provider and you have a phone with caller ID features.



Step 3

Push the " * " (star) button, and then the "6" and the "9" button, if you do not have caller ID on your phone. A recording will inform you of the last number that called the phone you are dialing from.



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