How to Turn a Quick Reply Off on the Android Phone

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How to Turn a Quick Reply Off on the Android Phone
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Phones with the Android operating system use an application called Messaging to manage text messages on the device. Although it is a powerful, full-featured application, you may have chosen to download another messaging application called Handcent to manage all of your text messages. Handcent features a Quick Reply feature that consists of pop-up messages that appear on your phone, thereby allowing you to reply to a message without opening the full application. Although this feature is activated by default, it can be turned off if you so choose.


Step 1

Unlock your Android phone, and then press the "Home" button to navigate to the phone's home screen.

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Step 2

Touch the "Applications" icon to show your list of installed applications.


Step 3

Navigate to the "Handcent SMS" icon, and then tap it once to open the application.

Step 4

Touch the "Menu" button at the bottom of your phone.


Step 5

Tap the "Settings" option.


Step 6

Tap "Notification Settings."

Step 7

Touch the box to the right of "Enable Popup" to remove the check mark and turn off Quick Reply.




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