How to Email a Metro PCS Phone

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With the advances in technology today, many modern cell phones have the ability to not only receive calls, but to play games, stream music, and browse the internet. Most carriers also provide a service known as SMS gateways, which will allow the phone to receive emails as text messages directly onto their phone, without needing to use an outside email service like Gmail or Yahoo Mail. This article outlines the simple steps for sending an email directly to a Metro PCS phone.


Sending an Email

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Step 1

Open your preferred email client.

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Step 2

Type in the email address of the phone you are attempting to email. This will be the ten-digit phone number, followed by "", without the quotation marks. For example: [email protected].


Step 3

If the email does not get through, try using "[email protected]" instead. Metro PCS uses both formats.




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