How to Email to Cricket Phones

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You can send email to a Cricket phone.
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Sharing files and photos just got easier with Cricket's MMS multimedia messaging upgrade. You can email ringtones created on your computer or MapQuest directions to your cell phone using this method. You can also compose emails using the MMS function, which aids in backing up your contact list. It's simple to email any image or information to or from your Cricket phone.


Step 1

Open your email utility on your computer, such as Outlook, Gmail or Hotmail.

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Step 2

Compose the email. You may insert photos in addition to text, as long as the photo shows up in the body of the email, rather than only as an attachment.


Step 3

Send the email to Only use the 10-digit phone number; do not include the 1 before the area code.


Step 4

Have the recipient check her text message inbox for the email. She may need to download attachments; the message will notify her of download status and will notify once again when the download is complete.




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