How to Email a Text to a TracFone

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Prepaid phones can receive emails as text messages.

Emailing a text to someone's TracFone can be more time efficient than using your phone's keypad to send a text message. If you know the email address associated with a TracFone, emailing a text message is as simple as sending any other email.


Step 1

Find out the TracFone's email address. Usually, the email address is the 10-digit phone number plus "" (for example, "[email protected]"), but to be sure, have the TracFone owner send you an email first. The email address associated with the TracFone will display in the "From" line of your email.


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Step 2

Log into your email and click "New Message."

Step 3

Type the TracFone's email address into the "To" field of your email form.


Step 4

Type a very short, concise message into the body of your email form.

Step 5

Send the email. The TracFone will receive your message as a text.

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