How to Convert a Cell Phone Number to a Text Email Address

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Due to advancements in technology, cell phones are capable of just about anything. Subscribers can browse the internet, stream television or music, text message, email, get driving directions and more. The use of text messages has increased dramatically. According to CBS News, Americans sent or received an average of 65 text messages per month in 2006, which increased to 357 text message by 2008. If you need to quickly get in touch with someone, email or text messages are convenient; combining the powers of email and text allow for even greater communication. You can send an email to a cell phone as a text by simply using the phone's corresponding email address.


Step 1

Check with the specific cellular provider for the corresponding email address for the phones you are trying to email. You may obtain this information via the cellular provider's website, customer service line or at a retail location. Each cellular service is different, so don't try to substitute AT&T's corresponding address for a Verizon subscriber. For a full list of corresponding email address for most U.S. cellular carriers, visit

Step 2

Insert the 10-digit phone number of the person you are trying to email into the default email address provided by the specific cellular carrier. For example, according to AT&T Wireless, an AT&T subscriber can send and receive emails using the phone's email address, which is <10-digit number> Enter this information in the "To:" field of the email.


Step 3

Inform the person you are sending the email text to that there is no additional charge to use the corresponding email address. Many cellular users may not realize they even have a corresponding email address. The recipient will receive the email in text format, so regular text messaging fees will apply.


Keep email text message brief. Due to the nature of a text message, large emails or emails containing graphics will be hard to read as a text message.


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