Seth Thomas Radio Controlled Clock Instructions

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Radio-controlled clocks are clocks that set themselves according to a radio signal they receive from a true atomic clock. Because radio-controlled clocks depending on AM radio waves to receive a signal, there are some special things to consider while setting up your Seth Thomas radio-controlled clock. With these considerations in mind and a little help from a window, you can have your radio-controlled clock set up and accurately displaying the current time without much effort.


Step 1

Remove the clock's battery compartment cover. Depending on the model of your clock, the battery compartment cover may be on the back or bottom of the clock.

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Step 2

Insert the required number of batteries into the clock's battery compartment. Depending on the model of your clock, the number and type of batteries varies. Due to the nature of radio-controlled clocks and the long wave radio signals that control them, insert the batteries into your device in the evening for the best results.


Step 3

Place the clock upright near a window. The clock sets itself according to the radio signal it receives.


Step 4

Press and hold the "Time Zone" button on the top of the device to advance the time zone. The current time zone is displayed on the front of the device. When the correct time zone is set, the clock is ready for use.




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