How to Set the Date in an iHome

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IHome devices play music from your iPod, iPhone or iPad through an amplifier.

IHome electronics make a range of iPod, iPad and iPhone "docking" stations and alarm clocks that play audio from your Apple device through a set of speakers. Most iHome devices feature an LCD clock display that shows the time, date and displays various indication icons. You might want to manually set the date on your iHome device if the settings detected from your Apple device are incorrect.


Step 1

Hold the "Clock" button on the back of your iHome for a few seconds.The time starts flashing on the LCD display.

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Step 2

Tap the "Left" or "Right" arrow buttons on top of the iHome to advance the clock forward or back, if necessary. Press "Clock" when you are finished. The year flashes on the display.


Step 3

Tap or hold "Left" or "Right" until the correct year appears. Press "Clock." The month and date flash on the display.


Step 4

Tap or hold "Left" or "Right" until the correct date and month appears. Press "Clock." The iHome beeps twice, confirming your settings.



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