The Advantages & Disadvantages of Visual Basic

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Learn about Visual Basic.

Visual Basic is Microsoft's proprietary programming language. Because it is a Microsoft product, it is difficult to move programs written in Visual Basic to other kinds of operating systems. Sure, there are some types of Visual Basic that can function on different types of operating systems, but they still differ in some respects from the original version of the programming language. The pros and cons of Visual Basic aren't as black and white as this might suggest, however.


Easy to Learn

Visual Basic is not particularly complicated for the average programmer. The syntax is generally much more straightforward than other programming languages. According to, C languages are often more flexible than Visual Basic. Otherwise, Visual Basic's visual environment is top notch, and it is easy to understand. There are also plenty of online forums to provide tutorials and answers to common problems. The code is easy to write, and database connectivity is quite high.


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Memory Constraints

Visual Basic generally requires a great deal of memory for initial installation and in order to function efficiently after installation. Visual Basic is a GUI-based development tool with graphical aspects that require a significant amount of space. Many programmers also argue that the C languages have better declaration of arrays. That is, programmers can use C languages to initialize a number of structures at declaration time. With Visual Basic, this is simply not feasible. Also, Visual Basic is not very useful for making programs that use a lot of processing time, such as games.



Widespread Applicability

Visual Basic is used widely throughout the programming community. This is partly because it offers extremely rapid application development, or RAD, compared with other programming languages. Plus, although Visual Basic's use is restricted to Microsoft's operating systems, it is still used widely throughout the programming community. It is particularly appropriate for GUI applications, such as front-end databases, for example. This allows programmers to make much better programs than are possible with such languages as VC++, Delphi and Powerbuilder.




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