The iPhone Maps App Is Not Working

Perform a series of troubleshooting procedures to diagnose and fix problems with the Maps app on your iPhone. Before proceeding, restart your iPhone and verify that it's connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular data signal. You must have a working Internet connection for the Maps app to function properly.

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Restart the Maps App


Press the iPhone Home button twice in quick succession to load the multitasking screen.


Swipe through the app preview thumbnails to locate the Maps app.

Swipe the preview screen upward.
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Swipe the Maps app preview screen upwards to quit the app.


Open the Maps app again.

Verify Location Services Are Enabled

Location Services on your iPhone combines GPS and cellular functionality to help with navigation-based tools. The Maps app requires the Location Services be enabled in order for the app to work properly. Manage location services settings using your iPhone's Settings app.

Select Location Services
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Open the Settings app, touch Privacy and then select Location Services.

Toggle the switch on
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Toggle the Location Services switch to the On position, if it's not enabled already.

Select Maps and tap While Using the App
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Scroll down and tap Maps.


Tap While Using the App to enable location services for the Maps app.

Verify Maps App Settings

If you're having trouble hearing audio prompts in the Maps app, or if labels are in the wrong measurement or language, check the app's settings to verify they're configured properly.


Open the Settings app, scroll down and select Maps.

Configure the Maps app settings
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Set your desired audio level, select your desired measurement unit and set your language.

Verify Cellular Data Is Enabled for Maps

Each app on your iPhone must be authorized to use the phone's cellular data connection before it can transmit data to and from the Internet. Use the Cellular section of the Settings app to verify that the Maps app is authorized to send and receive data.


Open the Settings app and touch Cellular.

Toggle the switch on, if necessary
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Scroll down below the Use Cellular Data For heading and verify that the switch located to the right of the Maps app is set to the On position.

Download Available Updates

If the Maps app still isn't functioning properly, it may have a bug. Apple regularly releases app-specific patches to address problems with apps. Use the Software Update tool to install any available fixes for the Maps app.


Connect your iPhone to its charger to ensure it has a constant supply of power throughout the update process.


Open the iPhone's Settings app, select General and then touch Software Update.

Tap Download and Install
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Touch Download and Install and then touch the Install button to confirm you want to install all available updates.

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