The No Data Error on a Sony Walkman MP3

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Sony Walkman media players usually display data error messages on the screen when they are incapable of locating and playing media files, or if additional storage devices are incompatible. Although they come with built-in hard drives that range anywhere from 1 GB to more than 8 GB, and are capable of playing a variety of media files such as MP3 and MP4, several solutions can solve problems that lead to data error messages for improved portable entertainment.


Formatting Memory Card

No data errors usually appear on your Sony Walkman media player's screen if you're using a memory card that was formatted using Windows Explorer. Before uploading music, videos and photos to an external memory card, format it using the media player. Unfortunately, if you had already uploaded music to the card, saved data will be erased when you format the card. If you formatted the card with Windows Explorer, you must format it again using your Sony Walkman or it won't be compatible with your media player. To format the card, insert it into the card slot on the player. Select "Settings," "Common Settings," and then select "Format" to launch the formatting utility. From there, selecting "Yes," twice formats the card automatically. If you're unable to format the card, charge your player before proceeding with the process. When the process completes, proceed to upload content using your computer.


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Data Storage

According to Sony, data errors will appear on the Sony Walkman media player's screen if media files are improperly organized. If you're uploading music using the "drag & drop method" in Windows Explorer, files must be stored in the "Music" folder on the player's disk drive. Videos must be stored in the "Videos" folder or the player won't recognize them. Place media files in the correct folders to avoid data errors.


Playable Formats

No data error messages usually appear on your Sony Walkman media player's screen if the files uploaded are not in supported formats. Sony Walkman media players support music in the following formats: MP3, WMA, AAC-LC and Linea PCM. Supported videos must be in the following formats: MPEG-4, AVC and Windows Media Video or WMV. Compatible photo formats include Jpeg. Playable formats may vary depending on the model, so refer to your player's manual for information about supported formats. If you upload incompatible media formats, your Sony Walkman media player can freeze in addition to displaying data error messages.



If the data error messages appear even with a properly formatted memory card and compatible files, the Sony Walkman media player's hardware and firmware is probably experiencing technical difficulty. Pressing the "Reset" button located on the back of the player using a pointed object such as a toothpick reboots the device and usually restores normal operation. If a reset doesn't solve the problem, download the latest firmware update from Sony's website. Connect the player to the computer, and then follow the download's instructions to install the firmware update on the player to improve performance. If the problem persists, contact Sony for additional troubleshooting and possible repairs.




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