The Reason for Losing a TV Signal

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Digital antennae can be affected by weather.
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Whether you use a digital TV antenna or you have a satellite, from time to time you may notice that you lose your signal or that your signal has deteriorated the quality of the picture or audio on your TV. While some of the reasons for a lost TV signal are the same for both satellite and digital TV, some are dependent upon which type of TV signal you use. However, you can usually troubleshot all of the issues that lead to a lost TV signal.



Both digital TV antennae and satellites are affected by weather. Modern satellite TV is typically more impervious to disruption than digital antennae, but a snowstorm or excessive wind and rain can all affect the quality of your signal. Because there's not much you can do about weather, the right satellite or antenna placement helps you get the best signal possible during weather disruptions. Investing in a stronger satellite or antenna can also help reduce the effect weather has on your signal.


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Poor Positioning

A digital TV antenna and converter box is especially susceptible to a loss of signal due to poor positioning. Most satellite dishes are professionally installed and therefore often have better positioning. If you have a digital TV antennae, move your antenna around with the signal strength menu displayed on your TV screen. In general, placing the antenna higher results in a better signal.


Equipment Malfunction

Both digital TV antennae and satellite equipment can fail over the course of time, resulting in a loss of signal. If you know that your equipment is in the proper place and the weather is fine, your antenna, converter box, dish or satellite receiver could be to blame for the disruption in signal. Purchase a new digital TV antennae or replace the converter box to see if it makes a difference. For satellite TV, contact your provider for tech support and service to check and possibly replace malfunctioning equipment.


Interrupted Service

Because digital TV is free once you purchase the antenna and converter box, a lack of signal is never caused by not paying your bills or a disruption of service. Unfortunately, the same is not true for satellite TV service. If you lose a signal altogether, even though your receiver and dish are working fine, it could be that you have an issue on your account so the provider company has limited your access to satellite TV service. Contact your provider to find out the latest details on possible outages and issues with your account.