The Sound & Picture Don't Match With My DirecTV DVR

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DVRs like those provided by DirecTV allow TV viewers to pause, rewind and record TV programming. Set programs you would otherwise miss to record and save a digital copy to the DVR's built-in hard drive to watch at your earliest convenience. When using your DirecTV DVR, you may occasionally experience certain intermittent technical issues like picture and audio recordings, a blank screen on DVR playback and audio that is out of sync with video. DirecTV's technical support department can assist you in resolving these problems, but often they can be resolved at home using some basic troubleshooting.


Step 1

Reset the DVR by unplugging its power cord for 30 seconds and plugging it back in. Allow the DVR to fully reboot and playback the recording again to check for any improvement. A simple reset will solve a good many technical problems a DVR can experience; if the video and audio are still out of sync, some further troubleshooting is required.

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Step 2

Tune the DVR to the channel that was being recorded when the out of sync video and audio occurred. If the video and audio are out of sync during live TV broadcast, most likely the DVR simply recorded the out of sync audio and video and that is why you noticed it during playback. If the audio and video are normal during live broadcast, the DVR recording components may be at fault and it is necessary to test those components.



Step 3

Record a few minutes of live TV and playback the recording. If the video and audio are normal, the DVR most likely recorded intermittent broadcast issues on that individual channel. If the audio and video are still out of sync, the DVR recording components are likely at fault and you may need to contact DirecTV about replacing the unit.



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