Troubleshooting a LeapFrog LeapPad

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You can interact with LeapPad tablets using either the stylus or touch screen.
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LeapFrog's line of LeapPad kid-friendly tablets give kids a device that looks and feels like an Android or iOS tablet, but come with restrictions to keep them from stumbling into things they shouldn't see. Various hardware and software problems can make using the tablet difficult or impossible. Use troubleshooting to work through your LeapPad's respective problem.


LeapPad Not Recognized

Restrictions associated with your firewall software may be preventing the LeapFrog Connect software from recognizing a LeapPad that's connected to your computer. Try resolving this by disconnecting the LeapPad tablet from your computer and powering the device down. With the device turned off, hold down the right button on the directional pad, as well as the "Home" and volume down buttons at the same time and then press the "Power" button to turn the device on. The tablet boots up to the Connection Needed screen, at which time you can connect the device to the computer, which will now recognize it.


Can't See Recently Purchased App

You may not be able to see recently purchased apps on your LeapPad tablet because the app isn't selected to display. Try connecting the tablet to your computer and then launching LeapFrog Connect. In the On This LeapPad section, ensure the box associated with the app you want to display is connected and then save your changes.

No Stylus Response

The LeapPad screen may have problems detecting the stylus if there is dirt, water or some other substance on the screen. Make sure the tablet screen is clean and free of any foreign substances. Additionally, you can try re-calibrating the touch screen. You can re-calibrate the touch screen through the Parent Settings menu, which can be accessed by holding down the "Home" and volume up buttons while the device is turned on.


Blank or Frozen Screen

If your LeapPad tablet is locked up or frozen, try repairing it through the LeapFrog Connect application to resolve the problem. To initiate the repair feature, connect the tablet to your computer and then open LeapFrog Connect. Choose "Select" in the upper-right corner of the LeapFrog Connect application and then select the LeapPad tab. This presents you with options to repair, reset or check for updates. Clicking "Repair" will run the tablet through a diagnostic check and repair any detected problems with the device.