Types of Multimedia Communication

Through the proliferation of technology in modern-day homes, people communicate in a variety of ways through multimedia. The term "multimedia" itself can take many forms, but it always relates to the way computers present different elements. Multimedia is common on a variety of kinds of websites and if you use a computer, you use multimedia communication daily.

Text Communication

Text communication encompasses a variety of forms and is one of the most common forms of multimedia communication in a computer user's day-to-day activities. Text communication includes such areas of Internet use as reading a website, reading and writing email messages and instant messaging. Text communication is also the oldest form of multimedia communication, as the first computers displayed text only.

Image Communication

Though images might not seem to be a form of communication in the same way that text is a form of communication, it is a legitimate form of multimedia communication that many users enjoy daily. Examples include browsing an online photo album, opening and viewing images attached to an email and looking at photos that accompany stories on news websites.

Audio Communication

A common form of Web-based multimedia communication is audio communication. This form involves receiving a message through an audio format, such as listening to an online radio station or playing a music file. If you use the Internet to stream a radio station broadcast, for example, you are engaging in a form of audio communication. Audio communication often combines with other forms of multimedia communication. A slideshow, for example, can feature text, images and audio together.

Video Communication

As its name indicates, video communication is a form of multimedia communication through video. It is common on many websites, including YouTube and the websites of television stations. Since high-speed Internet has become common, video communication has increased as users are able to access this form of multimedia communication. Types of video communication include .AVI, MPEG, WMV and QuickTime files.