How to Convert HTML to MP3

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You'll need to capture streaming audio to play it on an MP3 player.

HTML refers to the computer language used on websites. If there's music playing on a particular website, you can use the HTML link from the website to capture the song in MP3 format that saves onto your computer. Music can be captured this way from sites like YouTube, using various capture websites or capture software that you can download for free online.


Step 1

Navigate to Convertfiles (see "Resources"). Click on the option to download from URL. Paste the website address into the text box there. Click "Output Format" and select "MP3." Click "Convert" and then click the link that appears with ".mp3" on the end to download the MP3 file.


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Step 2

Visit Zamzar (see "Resources"). Click on the "Download Video" tab. Paste the website address into the text box marked "File." Select MP3 as your output format, enter your email address in the email text box and click "Convert." Open your email account and click on the link from Zamzar there to download the music file.



Step 3

Download and install Free YouTube to MP3 Converter (see "Resources"). Paste the website address into where it says "Input URLS" in the program. Click "Download" to download the file in MP3 format.



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