How to Make a YouTube Screensaver

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YouTube Flash videos can be downloaded and converted into various types of file formats that you can play on your computer and mobile devices. However, if you're interested in making a YouTube screensaver, use software applications that will convert YouTube Flash videos into screensavers for your computer. Before you begin converting YouTube videos, it's a good idea to make certain your system has enough memory to run a Flash video screensaver on your desktop.


Step 1

Go to and use the "Search" text box to help you find a video that you want to convert into a Flash video screensaver. Copy the YouTube video URL address that's shown on your Web browser. Move your mouse over the video URL address and left-click on it. Press the "Ctrl" and "C" keys simultaneously to copy the URL address.


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Step 2

Use the online service "" or "" to download the video on your computer. Alternately, you can install a software tool like Orbit Grab++, KeepVid and YouTube FLV Downloader Pro on your computer and use the software tool to download a video from YouTube's website. Keep in mind the video will still be in FLV format and you will need to convert it to SWF format.


Step 3

Press the "Ctrl" and "V" keys simultaneously and paste the YouTube video URL address in the text box of the online service that you're using. Click the "Download" button. Or, use a YouTube downloader software application tool to save the video on your computer.


Step 4

Download and install a free video to Flash converter on your computer that 's capable of converting YouTube flash videos from FLV format to SWF format. After you have the video converter installed on your computer, proceed to the next step.

Step 5

Click on the "Add Files" button and locate the file path where you saved the YouTube Flash video file on your computer. Click the "Output Name" button and rename the video. Select the output location. Click the "Browse" and select the file path where you want to save the converted YouTube video file. Click the drop-down menu arrow under "Format" and select "SWF" as the output format. Click the "Convert" button to convert the YouTube video from FLV format to SWF format.


Step 6

Use a software application like WG Screensaver Creator, Flash2X Screensaver Builder and 2Flyer Screensaver Builder to help you build a YouTube screensaver. Follow the software's instructions for building a YouTube screensaver for your computer.



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