Uses of CorelDRAW

By Contributing Writer

CorelDRAW offers many practical applications and features to its users. This software program is designed to assist with vector graphic editing, and it was created by the Corel company in 1989. Today, the new version of CorelDRAW, known as X5, is a popular choice for many buyers, as it can be used in many ways.

Create Dimension Lines With Ease

This flexible design application can help you create complex drawings with multiple layers and details. One of the best ways to ensure your drawing is accurate and workable is to add dimension lines that let you know the exact distance between two points. As you adjust your drawing to your liking, your dimension lines will auto-correct, saving you the trouble of changing them yourself.

Fill in With the Mesh Tool

You can add richness and a dimensional effect to your drawings by implementing the mesh tool. This tool has been refined through the various versions; it's easier than ever to create objects that are filled with a variety of colors. Smooth, flowing transitions between one color and the next are pleasing to the eye, and they are easy to achieve with the magic of the mesh tool.

Create Visually Appealing Logos

Many graphic designers rely on the power of CorelDRAW when crafting company logos for their valued clientele. You can also make logos that embody the best attributes of any business. Building logos can be as easy as choosing shapes, coloring them in, adding lettering and symbols and tweaking your work with special effects. You can get creative with the myriad features of this product. Cropping, resizing and saving your work will also be a breeze.

Work With Imported Design Drawings

AutoCAD is another popular software program that is commonly used by architects, engineers and other designers. When you choose CorelDRAW, you'll be able to work with and make changes to imported AutoCAD design drawings. If you're looking for a flexible software package that makes it easy to deal with imported files, you'll appreciate the benefits of CorelDRAW X5. Altering .pdf drawings is also possible when working with CorelDRAW software.