What Are the Benefits of a Docking Station?

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A docking station can increase the functionality of your laptop.

Owners of laptop computers typically love the mobility they provide. One drawback to owning a laptop is that it may not be able to accommodate several accessories at one time. A laptop docking station can alleviate this problem. You'll be able to plug multiple accessories into your docking station, which connects to your laptop with a separate power cord.


Use of Multiple Devices

If you need to connect your laptop to several devices such as printers, scanners or mice, the docking station makes it easy. Many laptops have two USB ports, meaning they can only connect to two devices at one time. With the docking station, you'll have to make just one connection to your laptop. When you're finished, simply unplug the laptop from the docking station.


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Portability Between Home and Office

If you work at home and at an office, a docking station can ease the transition between the two. Set up a docking station in your office and connect it to the devices you normally use. When you arrive at work, simply plug your laptop into the docking station. This eliminates the need to connect each device individually.


Computer Games

If you play computer games, plug all your game accessories into the docking station. This saves you the hassle of plugging and unplugging the accessories each time you play. Instead, you'll only have to connect and disconnect your laptop from the docking station.


Access to New Devices

A docking station allows you to connect to devices that you could not use in the past. Devices like flat-panel monitors and digital cameras are not always compatible with laptops. By plugging the devices into the docking station, you can enjoy the increased visibility that is provided by a larger monitor.


No Need for a Desktop

if you're a laptop owner who is considering the purchase of a desktop computer to accommodate your devices, a docking station can eliminate the need. As a result, you can save money. Some docking station models can be purchased for under $100 as of 2010, far less than the cost of a typical desktop computer. If you already own a desktop, you can consider selling it or keeping it as a backup.