What Happens When You Deactivate a Facebook Page?

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If you permanently delete your Facebook account, you can never access it again.

Facebook makes it easy for its users to temporarily leave the social networking site using the deactivation process. Deactivation is a reversible action, essentially causing your page to go dormant until you manually reactivate your account. While your account is deactivated, neither you nor other Facebook users have access to its contents.



When you deactivate your Facebook account, you are unable to log in and access your account until it is reactivated. You cannot log in and also keep your account in deactivated status. Activate your account again to regain the use of it by logging in to the homepage as you normally would and then checking the email account Facebook has on file for you. Click on the link within the email to reactivate and access your account.


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Account Visibility

Deactivating your Facebook account makes your page immediately invisible on the site. Your relationship to other users will be temporary disabled, you will not appear in Facebook search results and no one can view your page or its content. Comments or tags you previously left on another user's page will also be hidden until the Facebook account is reactivated.



Once you reactivate your account, your page returns to Facebook in exactly the same form as you left it at the time of deactivation. Photos, comments and any other fields you filled out on your page are completely restored. Any relationships you previously had with other users are also restored and the comments you left for others will appear again. The reactivation of your Facebook page takes effect immediately.



Other users are never notified when you deactivate or reactivate your Facebook page, though they may notice when you disappear and then reappear on the site. You stop receiving notifications when your page is deactivated, so if another user has a photograph on her profile that you were tagged in, you no longer get email alerts when someone comments on it. Similarly, if another Facebook user tagged your page in a status update before you deactivated, you will not be notified of new comments about it.