What Is a Laser Printer Used For?

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What Is a Laser Printer Used For?
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Laser printers are one of the many types of printers available on the market today. Instead of using ink, lasers use toner to replicate the object, and then transfer it to paper. Businesses use laser printers almost exclusively because they have the reputation of being reliable while making a quality print product. Some common uses for laser printers include printing company stationery, making labels, and creating company fliers and brochures.


Monochrome laser printers only print black text. Companies use monochrome laser printers to make letters, spreadsheets and other text documents. Color laser printers add color to the prints by using four toners: black, red, cyan and yellow. One uses color laser printers in graphic design, such as adding a logo to letterhead or making a slick brochure. Large format printers mean the printer prints sizes larger than 8 by 11. Large format laser printers may be monochrome or color. Companies use large format laser printers to make highway signs and billboards.

Other Uses

Use a laser printer for mass production. Laser prints come out of the printer dry. Some inkjets come out wet and if one does not allow the paper to dry, the page will smear or "bleed through," ruining the print product. Use a color laser printer with high resolution for sharp, clear photos. Laser printers with high resolution result in clearer, more life-like pictures. High resolution is a technical term that refers to the clarity of the printer product. Resolution is measured in dots per inch, or DPI, and DPI is listed as one of the features of any printer. If you plan to make photos or graphics with your laser printer pick one with the highest DPI available.


Laser printers are not messy. Since the toner is a dry powder substance, there is no chance of spilling ink on papers, desks or you. Laser printers turn out high-resolution products. This means the print is clear and readable. Laser printers turn out a dry product fast. The average life of a laser printer is 10 years or more.

Home Uses

At one time, laser printers were almost exclusively used by businesses because the price put them out of reach of most consumers. Today, laser printer companies make low cost laser printers intended for home use. These printers are not quite as rugged as their industrial counterparts, but they do have all of the properties that make laser printers a desirable choice. Find laser printers for home use at local electronic stores (see Resources). Choose a laser printer to make greeting cards, personal letters and resumes.


Laser printers cost substantially more than inkjet printers. Toner cartridges also cost more than an ink cartridge. Lasers use heat in the production of printed materials, so one must make sure the area is well ventilated or the printer may burn out or smell. Laser printers are large so they may not fit in tight quarters.

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