How to Print on Laminated Paper

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Printing graphics on laminated paper produces superior color quality.

The evolution of the personal computer has provided the consumer the ability to produce high-quality graphics. When creating business documents, such as reports, brochures and business cards, as well as photographs, printing on laminated paper yields superior results. Produced with a special coating, laminated paper prevents ink from being absorbed and spreading into the paper, creating crisper and more vivid colors than possible on uncoated paper.


Step 1

Determine if the paper is laminated on one or both sides. Photo paper is generally laminated on only one surface, whereas thinner paper used to print business documents designed for doubled sided printing is laminated on both sides. Run your finger across the surface of photo paper. The laminated side of the paper will have a smoother, slicker, shinier surface than the uncoated side.


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Step 2

Load the laminated paper into the printer. Confirm the laminated side of the paper is oriented toward the printer heads by consulting the paper-loading icon located on the printer's paper tray.

Step 3

Click "Print" in the open document's window. Click "Printer properties." In the popup window, change "Paper type" to glossy or laminated and "Print quality" to best. Click "Print."




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