How to Fix the Paper Feed on a Brother Printer

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A microfiber cloth is recommended for cleaning the rollers.

Brother printers, like all printers, need regular maintenance to operate properly. Some maintenance depends on how often the machine is used, how many pages are printed on a regular basis, etc. If you notice your Brother printer is having trouble getting paper out of the paper feeder, the problem is likely due to either a dirty pickup roller, separation roller, or both. These rollers will become dirty over time from paper dust and other airborne debris.


Step 1

Turn off your Brother printer and unplug it from its wall outlet.

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Step 2

Remove the paper tray from the printer. Look inside the machine where the paper tray was. You will see the separation roller and the pickup roller. Inspect the surface of the rollers to see if they are dirty.


Step 3

Clean the rollers with a microfiber cloth that has been moistened with water. Allow the rollers to dry. Do not use any cleaning solutions or rubbing alcohol on the rollers.


Step 4

Reassemble the printer and plug the power cord back into the outlet. Turn the printer on and use it as normal.




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