What Is a Logic Board?

A logic board is a computer part made by the company Apple. Apple is best known for its laptops, MP3 players and the iPhone. The logic board houses the internal circuitry of the computers.

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A logic board is a computer component.


A logic board is an internal component of an Apple computer. It is that company's version of a motherboard.

Logic Board Issues

Some Apple products have frequent logic board issues. They are most often accompanied by a whirring or whining sound coming from the unit, or by a black start-up screen.

Macbook Pro

The Macbook Pro is the computer most often associated with logic board problems. Apple's response to the widespread issue was to replace the logic board for free when a customer brought the unit in for repair.

Logic Board Replacement

When Apple upgrades an old or malfunctioning logic board, the user may have to upgrade his operating system to the most recent version. The newer logic boards will not work properly with older versions of the Mac OS.

Logic Board Cost

As of 2010, it can cost upwards of $300 to replace the logic board of an Apple product, if the unit is not under warranty or isn't part of a widely acknowledged Apple component failure.

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