What is an Electronic Filing System?

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An electronic filing system is a system of organizing files that utilizes hard drive space or network space. The system may either be computer software, an Internet-based program, or a simple file and folder system on the desktop of a computer. Electronic filing systems are used on multiple devices, ranging from our cell phones to our video game consoles to our digital video recorders.



An electronic filing system utilizes an electronic device, such as a computer, to store and organize files for easy access. Simply placing school assignments in a folder on the desktop of your computer creates an elementary electronic filing system. Electronic filing systems offer the ability to organize various types of files on one operating system, or one type of file on a specific operating system. Electronic filing systems are used by gaming consoles, MP3 players, and throughout various applications on a computer.


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A computer alone is a vast electronic filing system offering various features. It begins with a large filing system, the hard drive, and splits into smaller and smaller electronic filing systems within the programs and applications on the computer. The "My Documents" folder on a computer is an electronic filing system arranging your documents in order of time created, alphabetically, or most often used, depending on your preferences. Most electronic filing systems offer the ability to search or browse through the files, allowing you to pinpoint the needed file out of the lot.



Electronic filing systems allow us to easily find the information and files we need at the time we need them. Libraries and bookstores use electronic filing systems to keep track of the location of books. Thanks to these filing systems we can visit a kiosk, type in the book we are looking for, and be directed to it in a fraction of the time it would take us to fumble through the room trying to figure it out on our own.



While electronic filing systems relieve us of a lot of stress when they are working, they can cause chaos when they are out of order. Doctor's offices that run on electronic systems are at a loss when the power is out, or when a server tears up and must be replaced. It is always best to have a backup system when the primary system is out of commission.



Gaming consoles, computers and various handheld devices are becoming more and more advanced and the Internet is being utilized even more as a large, infinite capacity electronic filing system. Inventors and technicians believe that in a few short years we'll be able to access files from various locations all over the world, from wherever we are, at the touch of a button. In some instances, this belief is already coming to life




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