What Is an ERP Domain?

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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools combine all business processes into one unified system. The purpose of these tools is to make the best possible use of all resources of the business to give the company a competitive edge.

Main Purpose

The main objective of an ERP domain is to combine information and processes from all divisions of an organization and merge them to create a structured working system. It can either reside on a centrally placed server or on individual servers that are combined on a separate server.


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Overall Applicability

ERP is generally used in human resources management as well as in various social networking sites that require larger network connections between end users by enabling the use of blogs, wikis, tags and profile publishes.



The major benefit of an ERP system is improved coordination across all departments of an organization and thus increasing efficiency. Other benefits include facilitation of day-to-day management. Data accessibility is therefore much better for management, as ERP systems provide up-to-date information for decision-making.




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