What Is Chassis Intrusion Detection?

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Chassis intrusion detection is a feature of certain motherboards. If anyone opens the computer's chassis, or case, Windows will notify the user with a pop-up message the next time he turns on his computer.


Chassis intrusion detection has three different settings: Enabled, Enabled-Silent and Disabled. Enabled-Silent, which is the default setting, creates an event noting that it detected an intrusion without notifying the user. The Enabled setting will alert the user by displaying an on-screen message, while the Disabled option will ignore any chassis intrusion.


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Turn off chassis intrusion detection by entering the system setup screen, selecting the "System Security" option, then switching the "Chassis Intrusion" option to "Disabled." Windows will no longer alert the user that someone has opened the case.



Chassis intrusion detection is a helpful security feature, especially for large corporate networks. This intrusion detection method can alert a system administrator when someone opens a computer case; she can then investigate it and determine if anyone has tampered with the computer hardware.





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