Basic Troubleshooting for the CPU in a Desktop

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Troubleshooting a CPU is not easy. Due to the complex nature and system of the device, any slight damage can cause the device to malfunction and render it inoperable. Fortunately, there are a series of rules to follow to diagnose most problems for a desktop processor.


Sometimes, when a CPU is running under a heavy load, the processor heats up and the cooling devices (heat sink and fan) are insufficient to draw the heat away. You can physically check the processor if it is too hot with your hands, but some processor or motherboard manufacturers offer software to check the status of components on board the computer. The CPU temperature is given, and some software can help you check to see if you are overheating. If you are overclocking your computer (running it at a higher rate than that for which it was designed), chances are your stock heat sink and fan are not enough to cool your system.


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Improper Assembly

Too often, components malfunction because somebody in the assembly line installed the processor on computer motherboards. This will require opening the computer, removing the heat sink and fan, and realigning the processor. Nowadays, CPUs and pads have pins and holes where the pins are supposed to lie, but some pads don't have the alignment holes. Remember to touch a grounded metal object before working on computer internals to let out all the static electricity.


Software Bugs

The computer may also have problems with recognizing devices. Sometimes bad firmware or drivers may be the problem. Simply searching for your processor's drivers on the Internet and installing them may suffice. If you have isolated this as the problem, regularly check the manufacturer's website for any extant information or software patches. Also, the problem may warrant a trip to the store for replacement or repairs. Be sure to search well and save the hassle of dragging a huge computer case to the store.





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