How to Make a Double Column Bulleted Word Sheet

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Impress others with bulleted lists that sit side by side in Word.
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With a little imagination, you can find novel new uses for Microsoft Word tables. A table can consist of multiple columns and makes an excellent container for bulleted lists. If you need to make a double-column bulleted list, add them to a table that has two columns and position the table wherever you like within your Word document.


Creating a Table

The fastest way to create a table is to open a Word document and position the cursor where you'd like your bulleted lists to appear. You can then click "Insert" followed by "Table" to display the Insert Table dialog box. This dialog box enables you to define your table's properties. If you type "2" in the "Number of Columns" text box and "1" in the "Number of Rows" text box, Word adds a table with one row and two columns to the document after you click "OK."


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Adding a Bulleted List

Instead of adding a bulleted list to the main document, you can place it inside one of your table's columns. Click inside the first column, click "Home" and you can click the "Bullets" button to add a new bulleted list to the table's first column. Type anything you like and Word uses your text as the list's first item. If you press "Enter," Word creates a new empty bullet below the first one. You can type text for your second item next to that bullet. Continue adding as many items as you like using these steps.


Adding a Second Bulleted List

Your second bulleted list goes in the table's second column. Place it there by clicking inside the column, clicking "Home" and clicking the "Bullets" button again to add a new bulleted list to that column. Populate the list with text items using the same method you did to populate the first list. When you're done the table will contain a bulleted list in the first column and a bulleted list in the second column.



If you'd like to remove the table's border so that people cannot see it, right-click inside the table and click "Table Properties" to open the Table Properties dialog box. You can then click "Borders and Shading," click "None" and then click "OK" twice to remove the border. People will never know that you used a table to create the two column list when you remove the border. If you want to bring the left and right closer together, click the vertical line that separates them before you remove the table's border and drag that line to the left to make the table's first column width smaller. When you'd rather add more horizontal space between the two lists, drag the line to the right instead.



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