How to Write Extra Long Tweets on Twitter

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There are many ways to post content longer than 140 characters to Twitter.
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Tweets are defined by their succinctness, but sometimes you need more than 140 characters to clearly communicate an argument, idea or company update. You can say more on Twitter by using third-party applications like TwitLonger and Tall Tweets, by personally breaking up your content over multiple tweets, or by creating content on your business blog or website and posting the link.



TwitLonger is an external application created by developer Stuart Gibson. Sign into TwitLonger with your Twitter account information and write your content on TwitLonger. TwitLonger automatically posts a link to your content to your Twitter. Your followers can see your longer content by clicking on the link, which directs them to TwitLonger.

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Tall Tweets

Tall Tweets, an external application developed by Digital Inspiration, offers two different options for posting longer content directly to Twitter. Sign into Tall Tweets with your existing Twitter account information and write your content on Tall Tweets. Tall Tweets gives you the choice of either posting the content as a series of tweets or as an image. For the series, Tall Tweets numbers your tweets and sends them in reverse order, so that your followers scrolling through your most recent Tweets read the beginning of your longer content first. For the image, Tall Tweets posts one image of the entire text of your content directly to Twitter.


Manually Breaking up Your Content

If you don't often go over the 140-character limit, you can manually break up your tweets. For this method, just split up your content into 140-character chunks and number your tweets using parentheses that denote the tweets are part of a group. For example, put "(1/3)" at the end of the first tweet in a three-tweet series.



If your content is very lengthy, you can post it to your personal blog or website and then link to that post on Twitter. Post your content in your blog or website, and then copy and paste the URL of your post into a tweet. Encourage your Twitter followers to click on the link by letting them know (in less than 140 characters) the content of the link. This method doesn't count as writing an extra long tweet, but it does provide your business a way to get across a complex message across using Twitter.



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