Recommended Projectors for the Smart Board

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The right projector is an essential factor in how the information from your Smart Board is displayed on the screen. Different Smart Board models have different image specifications, which means that the right projector for your Smart Board may be different than the best one for someone else.


Smart Projectors

Since there are two projectors that are developed and sold by the same company that makes Smart Boards, they are compatible projectors designed for Smart Boards. They're designed to provide high-quality images because they have the right physical aspect ratio and display resolution to work with Smart Boards. As of February 2013, Smart Technologies sells two projectors: the UX80 for widescreen Smart Boards and the UF70 for full screen projectors. Both work with specific Smart Board models, so refer to the model number of your board before purchasing one.

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Physical Aspect Ratio

When purchasing a projector for a Smart Board, consider the physical aspect ratio that it can display, which refers to the picture size it projects. You want your projector to have the same aspect ratio as your Smart Board. Two aspect ratios that Smart Boards have are 16:9 and 16:10. A projector that offers a 16:9 aspect ratio is the Acer C120 DLP projector. Two projectors that offer a 16:10 aspect ratio are the Asus B1M and the Panasonic PT-RW430U. Check the aspect ratio of your Smart Board before choosing a projector.


Display Resolution

Also consider the display resolution of the projector. The display resolutions refers to how many pixels there are in the image being shown. The display resolution of the projector, the computer and the Smart Board should match for optimum image quality. The WUXGA Smart Board has a 1920 by 1200 resolution, which is the same as the Sony VPL-FH35. The QHD Smart Board has a resolution of 640 by 360, which is the same as the VVME V01(B) projector. The XGA Smart Board has a resolution of 1024 by 768, which is the same as Epson PowerLite 1751.



Other Considerations

Other factors to consider include the brightness of the projector, which determines how well the image will display in a light room. Look for one with more than 5,000 lumens. It's more important for a larger, brighter room to have a brighter projector. You may want to find one that has a built-in control panel like the Smart Projectors, because that way you can control it from the unit itself. A remote is also a helpful accessory.



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