Amazon Is Releasing Its First Waterproof Kindle

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Amazon is finally coming out with a Kindle that's waterproof, because the company clearly understands that your kids might accidentally/on purpose take the device into the bathtub with them, and then accidentally/on purpose try to read underwater.

Water damage to your e-Reader won't be issue anymore, because the revamped Kindle Oasis is officially waterproof. You can literally go swimming with it if you want to. The Oasis can safely be submerged in six and half feet of water for an entire hour. Not that you'd ever need to do that, but hey, some books are just meant to be read underwater (probably not true, but it sounds good).

The Oasis also has new built-in Audible, allowing you to connect your headphones or earbuds using Bluetooth to listen to your books. And the storage has increased from 4GB to 8GB or 32GB, plus more LEDs have been added with a light sensor that adapts to changes with the lighting.

Another upgrade is the 7" display, which is slightly larger than the previous 6". It's still the same height and weight as the Paperwhite or Voyage, but a third of the device is super thin, while two thirds of it is thicker.

Get the new Kindle Oasis here for $299. You can pre-order it for an October 31st ship date.