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Amazon's Kindle ebook reader lets you download and view a variety of fiction and non-fiction books all on one device. To protect against copyright infringement, the Kindle uses a specific file format only available in the Amazon Kindle Store. When you download a file in the Kindle format, it can be viewed on the device. However, some users may wish to view other documents on the Kindle. Amazon allows users to send a document to a Kindle email address, where it will then be converted to Kindle format and returned to the user for a small fee. This Kindle email address is not a typical email address; though you choose the address, you cannot "log in" to this email account. The account simply exists as a means to electronically send documents to Amazon for conversion. Users who need documents converted can, however, configure this email address to receive documents from the user.


Step 1

Navigate to the Amazon homepage and click "Manage My Kindle" at the bottom of the screen.

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Step 2

Type your Amazon account login information into the required boxes and click "Sign in using our secure server."


Step 3

Click the "Edit Info" link next to your Kindle under the "Your Kindle" heading. Type a Kindle email address if you do not already have one and click "Update Information." If you need to note an existing Kindle email address, write down the address under the heading "Kindle E-mail Address" in the "Your Kindle" section of the "Manage Your Kindle" page.



Step 4

Type your main non-Kindle email address in the box under the heading "Your Kindle Approved E-Mail List." Click "Add Address." Your Kindle email address is now configured and can receive emails from your email client.

Step 5

Compose a new email in your non-Kindle email client. Paste the Kindle email address into the recipient box. Attach the file you want converted to the email and send it to the Kindle email address. Amazon will convert the document to Kindle format for a small fee and email it back to you.




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