How to Copy an AZW File to Kindle

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These methods also work with other ebook file formats, such as MOBI and PDF.

The Kindle is a proprietary ebook reader designed and sold by, which uses an e-Ink display to simulate print and paper. The device can access the online bookstore directly, and purchase and download new digital reading content. Any ebooks downloaded from use the AWZ file format, which allows the bookstore to apply digital rights management encryption and licensing to the ebooks. You can transfer your own AWZ ebook files to the Kindle, as long as they don't have any DRM protection.


Step 1

Connect the Kindle to your computer using its USB cable. The computer will recognize the Kindle as a mass storage device.

Step 2

Open the Kindle's folder by clicking its icon on the desktop or by opening "My Computer" and clicking its drive letter. Inside will be three folders called "music," "audible" and "documents."

Step 3

Drag and drop your AWZ ebook files into the Kindle's "documents" folder. Once the file transfer is complete, disconnect the Kindle and the AWZ ebooks will be available immediately in the Kindle's library.


Step 1

Press the "Menu" button on the Kindle and select "Settings." Take note of the Kindle's email address displayed on the "Settings" page.

Step 2

Create a new email on your computer and add the AWZ file(s) as an attachment.

Step 3

Send the email to the Kindle's email address. The ebooks will be automatically forwarded to the Kindle's library after a few minutes, without any further action required on your part.


You don't need to add a subject line or any text to the body of the email when sending files to the Kindle. You can compress several ebooks into a ZIP file before emailing them, to reduce the amount of time it takes to send them to the Kindle. They will be extracted automatically and forwarded to the Kindle as individual files. MP3 music files can be dropped into the Kindle's "music" folder, and audio books into its "audible" folder.


When emailing files to the Kindle, the sender's email address must be included in the "Your Kindle approved e-mail list" section in the "Manage Your Kindle" page at The email address used to register your account is automatically included in this list.

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