This Smart Pill Box Will Remind You to Take Your Meds

If you have a hard time remembering to take your medications or supplements, there's a smart pill box that'll do the remembering for you. The Memo Box by Tinylogics is a smart assistant that pretty much does everything but swallow your pills.

Through its app and on the box itself, the Memo Box has smart features that allow you to set up both audio and visual pill reminders. If you want to postpone a reminder, there's a snooze button you can hit directly on the box. Since not all meds are created equal, the pill box reminders are flexible—you can set reminders independently for different days of the week.

The pill box automatically records the time you opened it, that way you can easily keep track of when you took your meds. If you accidentally take out more pills then you should, an alert will flash to let you know to avoid an overdose situation.

You can also preset a location for your pill box, so if you leave that exact location without it, you'll be alerted. And if you happen to misplace it, a finder feature will quickly locate it for you.

Choose between the Memo Box Deluxe for $89.90, the Memo Box Vibrant for $64.90, and the Memo Box Mini for $39.90, as well as various exchangeable cartridges.

Buy the Memo Box that's right for you here or on Amazon.