Gorilla Swipes Through Pics of Other Gorillas, Because Finding Love Is Hard

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Image Credit: JWJarrett/iStock/GettyImages

Dating is difficult when you live in captivity, which is why a gorilla at the Louisville Zoo has taken to online dating. Sort of.


A silverback gorilla named Jelani sat next to a zoo visitor as the man swiped through images of other gorillas. Don't worry, there was a very thick glass between them—you know, just in case the man got unruly.

Jelani appears to signal when he was ready for the next photo, just as humans do while browsing dating apps.

Twitter user Sierra Anderson posted the pretty remarkable video to Twitter.


This isn't the first time Jelani has tried his hand at online dating. Back in 2015, a video went viral of the same situation. Clearly this was before the gorilla learned his own version of swiping.

Jelani has since become a media sensation, with lots of visitors trying to find him a match. No word on whether or not he has ever swiped right on any of the gorillas.