You Can Use Amazon Echo Show as a Baby Monitor

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If you have more than one Amazon Echo, and you're not using it as an intercom, you're doing it wrong.

Over the summer, Amazon Echo devices gained a new trick, and that trick allows you to tell your kids to clean their rooms without leaving the couch (or the kitchen, the toilet, your bedroom, etc.).

But it doesn't just do that—you can stream video from one Echo Show to another Echo Show. Place one of them in your baby's room and another in the living room (or the kitchen, the toilet, your bedroom, etc.), and just like that you have a baby monitor that is arguably much better than most.

To set up an Echo as an intercom, open the Alexa app or settings page and name it based on the room it's in, then enable the drop-in feature. The drop-in feature allows users of other Echo devices to automatically chat with you or view the video stream from an Echo Show device without you having to answer their call.

A solid video baby monitor is definitely less expensive than two Echo Show devices, but do baby monitors let you play music, order dinner, remind you to pick up your dry cleaning, and answer your deep questions about life? No, no they don't.