How Do I Get My Acer Monitor Speakers to Work?

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Sound is an essential part of the PC experience. Whether you're listening to Internet radio or digital music files, watching a video or playing a game, you need sound. Many Acer monitors simplify and streamline the audio setup of your PC by building speakers into the monitor. With built-in speakers, you won't need to devote desk space to external computer speakers, and you'll simplify your setup as well.


Step 1

Find your monitor's audio cable. This is a thin cable with a male 3.5mm stereo minijack connector on both ends. One will be supplied with your computer. If you've lost it or need a replacement, you can purchase one at any electronics store---describe it as an "audio patch cord with a male stereo minijack at both ends" and any sales staffer can get you exactly what you need. Make sure you purchase one that's long enough to reach from the back of your computer to the rear of the monitor.


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Step 2

Plug one end of the cable into the Audio In jack on the Acer monitor. This is located on the rear of the monitor, usually at the bottom right as you look at the rear of the monitor.

Step 3

Plug the other end of the cable into the Audio Out, Line Out or Headphones jack of your computer.


Step 4

Adjust the volume of the monitor's speakers with the volume controls on the monitor.



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