You Can Now Temporarily Mute Annoying Friends on Facebook

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When you scroll through Facebook, you probably don't mind see a photo or two of someone's new cat. But when you see photo after photo after photo of the same cat on a daily basis, you may decide to take control of the situation by unfollowing that particular friend. It's not that you don't like cats, it's that you'd like to just not see so much of that specific cat face.


Facebook is launching a new feature this week that will finally give you the option to mute your friends instead of unfollowing or unfriending them, at least temporarily. The new feature is called Snooze, and it lets you unfollow a person, Page, or Group for 30 days.

So, if you're tired of seeing someone's cat photos or reading their political rants, you can Snooze them and hope they tone down their posting in the next 30 days. The feature is also helpful if you're going through a breakup and you just need some time to heal without committing to unfriending your ex (mainly because you know you'll eventually want to Facebook stalk them).

But if Snoozing someone doesn't do the trick, there's always the Unfollow or Hide button. Or, you know, just put your phone down.