How to Send an Email to Facebook From Gmail

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Sending an email to a business associate or prospective client's Facebook page provides you with an alternative way to reach that person. You don't even have to be a Facebook member to communicate with him. All you need is the other person's Facebook address and an email program such as Gmail. The next time he checks his Facebook page, your email will show up in his personal messages.


Step 1

Navigate to the contact's Facebook page to find his Facebook username. The username will be the last part of the URL shown in your browser's address bar. For example, if you see, the username is "john.smith" and is also used in the contact's Facebook email address. In this example, John Smith's email address will be ""


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Step 2

Log in to your Gmail account and click the "Compose" button to begin a new message.

Step 3

Enter the contact's Facebook email address in the "To" field. Fill in the "Subject" line and compose your message in the main area..


Step 4

Click the "Send" button when you are done.




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