American Girl's 2018 Girl of the Year Loves STEM

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Every year, American Girl chooses a doll to become the girl of the year. The dolls embody positive values like authenticity, fairness, kindness, respect, and perseverance. Each doll demonstrates what it means to be a girl of strong character in her time, and this year's choice is no exception.

American Girl's 2018 girl of the year doll is Luciana Vega, an 11-year old aspiring astronaut who is passionate about science. She was given a scholarship to attend space camp in Huntsville, Alabama.

Luciana is the perfect representation of our current time—where STEM literacy provides endless opportunities for growth. As a doll of color (and with cool purple streaks in her hair), she's encouraging girls all over the world to explore their interests in STEM and to recognize that their potential is limitless.

To create Luciana and her story, American Girl consulted with actual female NASA astronauts and former scientists, and it seems like they really nailed what it's like being a female in the world of STEM.

"At their core, Luciana's stories are as much about STEM as they are about character: the ever-emerging awareness that what we do and what we say to one another matters," according to American Girl. "In pursuing her goals, Luciana must contend with challenges, obstacles, and even failure—which ultimately highlight the qualities that make a reliable team player, a caring friend, a thoughtful leader, and a resilient change-maker."

Her stories communicate that failing is part of succeeding. Taking risks is how you learn and improve—a concept that's at the core of STEM.

Along with Luciana's book and tons of accessories, you can also purchase a super cool (and super detailed) Mars Habitat.

The 2018 girl of the year doll is available for purchase here.