Virtually Try out Rugs in Your Home Using This Tool

Buying a new rug can be tricky. Not only do the colors and fabric of the rug need to coordinate with the rest of the room, but it also needs to fit properly in the space. Buying a rug, trying it out, then returning it if it doesn't work is way easier said than done—especially if you buy it online.

Rugs USA has a tool that allows you to try out rugs using the company's "See This Rug in Your Room" tool. You can either upload an image of your room, whether it currently has a rug you want to replace or it doesn't have one at all, or you can use a stock image the website offers.

Choose the rug size, and the tool lets you place the rug wherever you want. If the size you choose is too big or too small, simply select a different one until you find the right size (a much easier option than getting out the measuring tape).

The best part is, the rugs are actually really cool. The site offers literally thousands of rugs in varying colors, styles, materials, weaves, and sizes.

The prices range from $9 up to $25,000 (obviously a pretty ginormous range), but the majority of rugs are somewhere in the $100 to $300 range. Plus, the site seems to always be having a sale, so if you find a rug you like, it might be worth it to hold off until the next big sale.