A Former NASA Engineer's Hilarious (and Messy) Solution to Package Thieves

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Former NASA engineer Mark Rober noticed his Amazon packages being stolen off his front porch, so he took matters into his own hands and DIY-ed a glitter/stink bomb—and it's incredible.


Over the course of six months, he designed the package to look like a brand new Apple HomePod, complete with shrink wrap and a label to make it look authentic (sent from Kevin McCallister and delivered to Home Alone bandits Harry and Marv, because lol).

To create his masterpiece, Rober used a 3D printer, a custom printed circuit board, GPS, four phones with cameras, and fart spray. Yep, fart spray.

Take a look at how he created the most brilliant way to get back at package thieves. The YouTube video is a little over 11 minutes in length, but it's worth every second.