Snapchat Finally Released Lenses for Dogs

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Admit it, you've tried using Snapchat lenses on your dog more than once. Unfortunately, as cute as dog faces are, the lenses just weren't designed for them—until now.


Snapchat released new lenses designed specifically for dogs, and they're ridiculously cute and perfect. They're so perfect for dogs that if you try them on a human face, they won't work.

You can do fun things like give your dog various types of glasses, dog ears (one can never have too many ears), antlers, a butterfly nose, and a pizza face.


Snapchat released lenses for cats back in October, so it was only a matter of time before lenses for dogs emerged. Now that they're here, good luck getting anything done other than taking adorable pictures of your dogs.

The lenses are available now on Snapchat.