This Ultraviolet Mosquito Lamp Is Affordable and Efficient

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Mosquitos in the summer are no joke. They're everywhere, and they're super ready to suck your blood.


You can try citronella, layering on bug spray, or spraying your backyard with chemical-filled mosquito killer. But if those things aren't preventing you and your family from getting bit up, you might want to try another solution.

The Ultraviolet Mosquito Killer Lamp from Fully Geeked doesn't use any chemicals and isn't harmful in any way (to humans... it's definitely harmful to mosquitos). The mosquitos are attracted to the ultraviolet rays within the lamp, and they become trapped by the heat and rays produced by the bulbs, as well as by the carbon dioxide produced when the bulbs radiate onto the Ti02 coating. (I don't actually know what that means, but that's how the company describes it, and it seems scientific and legit.)


Powered by USB, you can take the device anywhere—and it works both indoors and outdoors, covering up to 600 square feet.

It's easy to clean by removing the plastic tray at the bottom of the lamp and dumping the dead mosquitos. Who knew how satisfying dumping dead mosquito carcasses could actually be?

The unit is only available online and can be purchased at Fully Geeked for $39.99.