How to Clean Screen Protectors

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Cleaning your screen protector can prolong its life.
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Using a screen protector is a great way to keep your mobile device screen free of scratches and cracks, but just because protectors are meant to be replaced doesn't mean you need to put a new one on every time it gets dirty. It doesn't take any special equipment or chemicals to clean your screen protector, just a soft cloth and a bit of care.


Fingerprints and Other Smudges

Much like cleaning the bare screen itself, you want to avoid scratching the screen protector so you don't have to replace it unnecessarily. Using a soft cotton or microfiber cloth, gently rub in a circular direction until the fingerprints have been removed. A cotton T-shirt works in a pinch. If you encounter a particularly stubborn residue that the dry cloth cannot remove, lightly moisten the cloth with plain water and repeat. Then use the dry portion of the cloth to remove the excess moisture. Do not spray water directly on the device itself and take care to avoid getting water in the ports, buttons and openings for speakers or microphones.


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Bust That Dust

Dust particles under the screen protector create unsightly bubbles and may even cause the protector to start to peel away from the screen. If you find dust under your protector after application, gently peel the protector back near the dust spot and use a piece of tape to pick up the dust. Repeat for each dust spot you find. If there are many dust spots, it's possible to remove the protector, wash it gently with soapy water, and reapply it after it dries.





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