How to Get Rid of Touch Screen Glitches

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Glitches can make the touch screen unresponsive or inaccurate.

The advent of touch screen technology has made the smartphone experience significantly more user-friendly. This advanced technology creates the illusion that touch screen glitches are beyond your ability and knowledge to fix. On the contrary, the issues causing the touch screen glitches may not even stem from technical problems. Simple issues such as dirt build-up or ill-fitting accessories can cause your touch screen to misfire. Take a few moments to inspect your smartphone touch screen for any apparent problems before spending your hard-earned money on repairs.


Step 1

Check the battery life on your smart phone. A low battery can cause an unresponsive touch screen. Wait for the battery to completely recharge before testing the touch screen again.

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Step 2

Wipe down the touch screen with a microfiber cloth. Dirt, debris and oils from you hand create a build-up over time that makes it harder for the touch screen to sense your touch. Removing the build-up removes this nearly invisible barrier between the touch screen and your fingers. Remember to use a microfiber cloth as its smooth and soft nature does not scratch touch screen surfaces. Use the minimal amount of pressure necessary to clean the screen.


Step 3

Remove all accessories from your smartphone if touch screen problems continue after cleaning. Accessories such as screen covers can prevent the phone from sensing your touch. Further, an ill-fitting accessory can put constant pressure on the touch screen, creating an inaccurate reading when you touch the screen.



Step 4

Turn off the auto brightness if problems continue. The auto brightness function can cause a flickering glitch on your touch screen that causes inaccurate touch screen readings. Turning this function off reduces the amount of flickering and helps improve touch screen accuracy.

Step 5

Reboot your smartphone if the problems do not cease. A simple reboot may be enough to end some touch screen glitches. Call your smart phone's customer service line for assistance if problems continue.




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