These Student-Designed Smartphone Cases Are Empowering

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Some really creative students submitted their smartphone case creations for the Make My Case competition put on by BUILT BY GIRLS. The two winners both celebrate inclusivity, diversity, sisterhood, women of color, and the LGBTQ+ community.


The two winning designs were created by Dyllen Nellis and Shannon Li, and both will be available on Speck phone cases sold in Verizon stores and online this fall.

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Here's Nellis' design:

"My design has a strong theme of sisterhood, diversity, and empowerment," Nellis wrote about her design. "I wanted to create an artwork that would inspire positivity and collaboration in others. Like the values of BUILT BY GIRLS, it needed to show that girls are fully capable of being leaders and makers of change. So in my design, women of all ethnicities, shapes, and sizes are happily interacting with one another."



Here's Li's design:

"I strongly believe young women, women of color, women of the LGBTQ+ or any marginalized community should feel empowered to break barriers, by not only striving to fight for their seat at the table, but by building their own table. We should not be taught to fit a mold, but to build and create our own future," Li wrote about her design.



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